Collaboration & Partnership Opportunities

CPA Group Welcomes New Collaboration & Partnership Opportunities


At the CPA Group, we have broad specialised knowledge and expertise in every
area that we operate, be it in the field of taxation, accounting, auditing, company
secretarial work or even dealing with government agencies.
And many more….


We always have a continuous and dedicated desire to improve so that we can
provide the very best of services to our customers.
We leverage on the Group’s synergy to get results – and we do know what it takes to
reach our goals.


Thus, we are always open to new ideas, collaboration or partnership opportunities
that can help us develop, strengthen our brand, increase accessibility for our
customers in addition to expanding our offerings.
Together we can create greater value not only between collaborating parties but also
for our customers. Synergies created will make us even better as a team.


Would you like to be our partner or wish to collaborate with us?
Do you have an interesting business idea? Do contact us if you
wish to know more.


We search for associates who can complement us and strive to always to exceed
the customer’s expectations. We are open minded and see value in different types of
collaborations that can create synergies in many different ways.


Presently, we have quite a few successful collaborations, working with partners who
share our customer focus and level of service, where we complement each other
while adding value to our services.


That will help us to set new standards in our industry and improve the quality of life
of our customers and deliver the best value to them.


Looking forward to hearing from you,


Yours sincerely,
Ow Chong Fu