Investing In Malaysia With Confidence

Investment services at CPA Group initially started with procuring approvals for licenses and permits from various government agencies.

Consequently, the successful outcome of many such past engagements produced new opportunities, and CPA Group began to actively engage with investors that needed to comply with various requirements, in the process of setting up their investment, be it in the manufacturing, or other sectors of the economy.

Over the years, CPA Group had acquired a lot of experience and is equipped to perform a variety of requests, from simple approvals, to the handling of the total package, including appointing consultants to carry out specific functions.

We are capable and experienced service providers with knowledge of the approval processes needed to achieve the desired results for our clients’ investment needs.

Incorporation of local company

The very first step in setting up a business in Malaysia would be to set up a Private Limited Company with the Companies Commission of Malaysia.
After obtaining incorporation status, your company would be able to apply for the relevant licenses and permits prior to the commencement of your business operations.
Please refer to this link for the guidelines and procedures for registering a new company in Malaysia.

Write-Up of Business Profile For Presentation To Approving Bodies e.g. MIDA

The primary objective of the write-up, is to effectively present and promote the main elements of your company, to the appropriate government agencies.

Approval bodies for tax and investment incentives such as MIDA need to know more about the suitability and viability of your business venture.

MIDA will also need to determine whether your business fulfills any of the investment activities promoted by the government.

Therefore, a well written business profile / plan will give your organisation that extra edge to get the targeted incentives and the support from the approval bodies.

Advisory ( Feasibility Analysis of your Business Proposal )

Our Management Team of professionals and advisors will work together to ensure an effective delivery of a feasibility analysis of your business venture.

Our knowledge of the current market situation ‘and other prevailing factors will help you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your proposed venture and identify any opportunities present in the environment and thereafter, allow you to make strategic decisions.

This feasibility analysis would also determine whether your project plans are technically and financially viable to provide confidence to the approving bodies, and consideration for your tax incentives.

Documentation ( Application Forms )

Getting the right documents/application forms from the government agencies and local authority will ensure that the processing time for approval from the authorities will be reduced significantly. Knowledge of guidelines and procedures as well as the people in charge is a necessary prerequisite to achieve this.

Submission of Application with Supporting Documents

Having acquired the right documents / application forms, filling it with the required information, and in the proper format, as well as procuring the required supporting documents is also very important to avoid delay in processing.

Follow up with meetings & liaising with approving authorities

Here are some of the stages of your application process to get approval (e.g. manufacturing license).

(a) We will arrange a meeting with officer(s) in charge with a view to obtaining a preliminary opinion or information, in support of the application.

(b) We will proceed to complete the necessary application form(s) and to prepare a detailed application write-up for submission to the approving authority. (e.g. to MIDA for the purposes of applying for manufacturing licence (or exemption thereof), tax incentives and expatriate posts;

(c) To arrange for a presentation to officer(s) with regard to the aforesaid applications; and

(d) To liaise closely with the relevant officer(s) and to follow up on the applications and to attend to any queries raised by them, with the aim of obtaining the respective approvals.

Identifying / proposing suitable locations to set up business.

When it comes to renting or purchasing of properties, for commercial or industrial purposes it is always necessary for the investor to make an informed decision, in order to save both money and time.
As an extension of our value-added service, our knowledge and experience enables us to provide the investor with information regarding rental rates, property values, the most popular location, locations with high potential for good returns, historical and recent market trends, maps and sketches.